Joker Out at Belgrade Beer Fest 2023

This is a special gallery, being posted months later because so many folks are interested. They are not as good as the photos I took later that year at the Amerikana, because I was a couple of minutes late, the wind was strong and the crowd as absolutely crazy. If I remember right, I was the person who caught the chicken toy and put it on the edge of the stage for whoever threw it to Bojan… but it was SO MUCH craziness within some fifteen minutes that I’m not 100% sure. I did pick the „Jan if u see this ur hot / Jan, srpski zet“ transparent for funsies during the next band’s set, planned to keep it and then let the random stranger know that it reached me and not Jan somehow. And what happened? A month later I rescued a kitten and the first thing he randomly peed on was that exact piece of paper.

What else was interesting, other than so many bras thrown but none of them my size (it’s crisis, people, stealing bras is OK)? Oh, yeah. After we left the photo pit per usual three songs rule and after I was done with shots from the VIP grandstand, I met Konstrakta somewhere in the crowd. Her kid was „somewhere close to the stage“. I blurted out that each generation has their own pretty boys and said who’s the prettiest boy in my generation which is technically also her generation as she’s a Xennial herself. I think I confused her. O_O

This is obviously not how we write articles and reviews on the site, just some funny, silly banter, anecdotes. Why? Because why not. I also need 300 words for the search engines and social media because, for machines, photos of pretty boys making great music is not enough. Tut-tut.

Photo gallery

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